Monday, March 31, 2008

It Really Is...


I have a Texas Sheet Cake that I have used and got it from a good girlfriend's mother-in-law. It's yummy and it has been used for many an occasion. So, when I saw this claim by Ree, THE Pioneer Woman, I was skeptical - to say the least. But, I had to make it. The differences in our recipees were minute. Hers has more butter and vanilla. And, it's better. See for yourself. You can see step by glorious step by clicking on the above link. It's worth it. Here's my final product (above.) I used my Pampered Chef large bar pan and didn't oil the pan first.
Sweet Melynda & Ashley share what appears to be one of the last pieces.
It's so good my daughter wouldn't even remove the fork from her mouth in fear that she would miss out on some the chocolate crumbs.

About 30 minutes (at the most) after I brought the cake down stairs.
I am smart, though, and gave myself and nice big serving the first time around 'cause I had a feeling that it might be my only one! It was.

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  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Wow. Thank you! I think I might treat my family next weekend. Missy


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