Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So, You Wanna Be a Rock Star??

It was a cold dark night when 16 of our youth group made their way over to our shag carpeted basement for an evening of...

Pictured above is one of our four Rock Bands. On the bass guitar, far right, is Youth Pastor Roy. Our rockin' girl drummer is Edna, playing lead guitar is Reggie and Nigel is our singer!! (He was so happy about it, I've included better picture of him singing.)
From the look on Nigel and Michael's face, you'd think it was a pretty sound. Let me tell you...it wasn't. No offense, Nig. He's smiling becasue he's really trying to be super awful. And Michael was enjoying that.
Roy takes his playing very seriously. He'll even get super mad if you are talking and mess him up. It's hiliarious!!!

Here are funny guys Troy and Nig. Or perhaps Nroygel. Troy's arms are running the stix while Nig is running the bass foot pedal. They think they are so cute. Or funny. Or talented. It doens't matter because they're the only ones who think it!!! Laid back B-Rad is a great singer. Think he was singing "I'm Wanted...Dead or Alive." He would've made his pappy proud. Here's a great shot of Michael jammin' and Rachel belting out a tune. Some don't "get into" rock mode very much but Rachel - well, she's a natural.

And so you don't think I was hiding behind the camera...

I will NOT post the picture Roy took of me dancing. I refuse. And you should thank me for that.

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