Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Boyz

I love my boys. They are SO easy. Cheap pizza and brownies, well now, they want The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, and the PS2 and they are set. in fact, I can just toss the pizza into the room, shut the door and not hear from them again - for the rest of the night!!! It's wonderful. And I love them. For many reasons but that is a big one. Food. They love my cookin' and I love cooking for those who love to eat it! So, we get along well. I cook + they eat = happiness.

It's always been a blessing that Brady and Troy hit it off well. They've been close since the get-go. Partners in Crime. Then we got Reggie and we all wondered how it was going to work. If it was going to work at all. And it did. It works very well. It can be the three big boys or any combo thereof and it works.

We went and got senior pictures a while back and asked Brady to come along. We wanted to get a few shots of them all together. Who knows what next year will bring but I have a feeling these three will survive and remain close. Being cousins in a close family will help! Who is Brady? My nephew. My OLDEST brother's youngest son. Actually he's my youngest nephew, at 18. He's many things but I'll stop there, lest you get bored with all the things he is.

I almost have a football team, if we play 8-Man.

From L to R: Brady, holding Javi; Reggie, Paco, Troy.
We told them not to smile - don't ask how Javi knew what that meant!!!

The big boys
For some weird reason, the picture tilts to the right.

BTN = Bad Team Nachos


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    That was great. I love those boys, too.


  2. What a team of boys we have. they could not ask for a better moma or aunt. They will always remember and love what you do for them, even if its after they are gone from home. That of course is what makes it so wonderful to come home!
    Great Job on the Pictures.
    The Hubby


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