Thursday, April 24, 2008

Through Paco's Eyes

My dear boy, Paco, loves to take pictures. He does this all on his own and has been getting his subjects for quite some time now. Here, you see, is mommy smiling. He did not want her smiling.
He MADE her make the following face, saying, "Say, boop boop boop, like this!!!" So, I did. It was for art. My blooming budding artist.Because he takes pictures of flowers.
And his unsuspecting sister. He usually catches her with some horrible look on her face as she tries to escape the view finder!
He spies for mommy. "Go take a picture of Reggie for Mommy." And he does. Which also means he's not taking more weirdo pictures of mommy's boop boop boop face.
As you can see, some pictures are good. Some are out of focus. Some turn out. Some don't. Hmmmm, sounds like my picture taking ability.

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