Sunday, May 11, 2008

Feliz dia de las madres

My Mom, Nana, and Javier Don
Roses are Red, Violet's are Blue
There are lots of Nana's in the world
But none as good as you!!!

What a wonderful Sunday. I awoke to the table being set, coffee brewed and pancakes grillin'.... all while I lay in slumber in my bed! Could it get much better than that? Oh yeah.... breakfast with my children and nephew and a nice treat of having Ann, my mother-in-law dine with us! While I was still in my robe, we ate, visited and had a nice morning.
Off to church we went where we mother's were honored more! With poems, hand made presents from Paco and words of affirmation, could it get any better? Yes, I had all but one of my kiddos with me for the first time - ever. Little Sky was the only one missing from me but not from my heart.
And it gets better - lunch out at Tacos Michoacan's where we dined on tacos, rice and beans! Home - James Home for a nap and boy was that nice!
Finished the spicy noodle salad for our family dinner and made my 12 minute Pampered Chef fluted stone cake in the microwave and we were off for more good food and family!
It was a great day. I got love, love and more love. What more could a mom ask for? Nuttin'. But I got more. A brand new microwave to go over my stove since our old one quit and I've been without for a week. And all the belly achin' paid off I guess because I was FLOORED! And felt like a heel for my temper tantrum earlier when I needed a microwave to melt butter and make my dessert.... I was pouty and ungrateful. Truly a recipe for disaster. Ugh.

Oh, yeah, I'm a heel, but I don't know it yet!

And now? What more could I ask for? Nuttin'! But here I sit, bloggin' while Roy deals with the kids, cleaning up and who knows what else. "Mommy time," he said. And I ran. Before he changed his mind! And as soon as I am done here, I am heading to my bedroom to sip my tea, eat bon-bons and watch "nothing" on t.v. Well, maybe not the bon-bons but they sound good.

To all you mom's - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Mandy and Karris' 1st Mother's Day

(None of the above photos were edited in any way, shape or form. Otherwise, I'd have fixed my red face!)

Coming Soon.... 1st Ever CONTEST! Yee Haw!

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  1. This is a great Mother's Day post, Joy! It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and that Roy took awful good care of you, as he should ;)
    I'm glad you had such a nice day.


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