Friday, May 09, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Beautify!

I am not a dress-up, hair done, make-up on girl. I'm a jeans, sandals, pony-tail, get up and go in 10 minutes girl. Which has served me well being a mom to many...

I do have a few favorites, though, that I wear regularly. Maybe not daily, okay for sure not daily, but when I do "do something to myself" here's what IT is.

Lip Shimmer from Burt's Bees. Not gloss, not lipstick but shimmer. It's glorious. I have it in a few different shades. And, it's good for these lips of mine. (Yours too!!) Made with things good for us which somehow means something to me since it is going on my lips and thus into my mouth, I'm sure. So, I feel good about wearing it, eating it and smiling with all its shimmer.

Nicole Miller's Lash Primer! Made for weak or thin lashes, I love how this conditions my lashes without adding gloppy color that runs, fades or won't wash off at night!!! It's a natural pretty. And that my friends, is what I am all about.

Then, I have bronze beads to add a little color. I use this on my cheeks and eyes.

Perfume is Be Delicious by Dkny. It's the green apple fresh crisp scent and I just love it!

Last but not least... my glamour shades. Sometimes feeling pretty is being pretty and that's what these do to me. I can put them on and instantly don't feel like I am wearing sweats and yesterday's shirt - even if I am.

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  1. Great post, Joy! Hey, we wear the same perfume...I looovvee Be Delicious. I like your bronzing beads - - I've always wanted to try some of those. Right now I'm currently obsessed with some lip gloss that costs $28.00 per tube, but don't know that I could ever break down and buy it. It sure would be fun, though!


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