Monday, May 12, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things: Giveaways

For as much as I love gifts, I can't believe this is my first giveaway! I had a hard time choosing what it should be... so many ideas... so few dollars. The specialness of this giveaway is we're coming up on my second anniversary of blogging here! Wow, TWO years! So, I thought of what my heartstrings have been here.

My first blog post ever was on Mother's Day 2006. I celebrated my 5th sobriety birthday with you and am honored to celebrate my 7th birthday yesterday, still May 11th. I've brought you different hot topics of mine from time to time... from nursing to being green you've listened to me rant and rave over matters that you might care less about. (But you SHOULD!!! :) ) Good lands, I even brought you the birth of Javier here! And descirbed my no-meds birth with him. That's real, folks - real and honest. And I cried here. And you supported me. I won't forget that. We even moved and became homeowner's! And we traveled the emotional rollercoaster together!!! And that's when Roy and I launched Our House of Dreams. And have not done a good job of keeping that blog up to date... one can only do so much, right?!

And, you've been here for my cooking experiences... starting my own Pampered Chef business, experimenting on my children, family and friends and sharing yummy recipees with you.

You've learned about some of my favorite things and as I've scrolled back through two years, my giveaway is a cornucopia of my blog:

All the Goods!

A mug and little plate just for you!
with Burt's Bees Travel Foot Pack and a pamplet on a health issue close to our hearts. And a pin to wear from me to you.

and dark chocolate covered espresso beans to keep you hoppin', candles to remind you to relax and remember Who lights our path, Sustain Energy Drink in single serving on-the-go packs in Berry, Lemon and Orange flavors, a DREAM reminder...
A little book in Spanish on mama and papa, little spatula and bamboo spreader, Tough & Tender wipes just in time for summer..., gDiaper pamplet with coupons.. either try 'em or give 'em away, and to top it all off, a coffee hand towel. Because I like coffee and one can't have enough hand towels!

So, take a break, stroll back through time with me and read the rules:

One entry per person. You must leave a comment. If you choose anonymous, you MUST leave your name or else I won't know who wins!

The winner will be choosen using on Friday May 16th, the exact date of my first post. The cut off time will be when I draw on the 16th. Who knows what time... I have six kids, remember?!?!

Have fun and remember: you have to comment to win.

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  1. WOW!! Awesome giveaway, Joy! Congratulations on 2 years of blogging, 7 years of sobriety, and on doing all that you do, with all the responsibilities that you have. You are one Super Mama! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    You are an awesome daughter. I really like all of the blog but especially your Mother's Day on (close to my heart)
    Your Moma


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