Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not Green, Not Green At All

I am sure that if I wanted to actually know how bad these beds were for the environment, I'd only have to Goodsearch it to have WAY too many things to read about. So, I won't. And you don't need to either.

I do know that tanning, in any form, is damage to skin. That damage is what gives a person that tan look. The darker the tan, the more damage done to the dermas. The lighter or whiter one is, the less damage they have done to their dermas.

So, we can all agree, I hope, that the energy used by tanning beds is the environmentally friendly as well as tanning damages the dermas, right?

Should you be against tanning salons and all they stand for/or against, please come back later for a different post. What you are about to see may cause you pain.

Here is a beautiful new medium high intensity bed.
It is larger than the minimal intesity bed, having something like
40 bulbs instead of 10 (I think.) It's long and wide - really posh.

It even has a different area and types of bulbs for your face!
A person can choose to have these bulbs on or off during their
tanning session. Choices are nice.

Stereo and speakers right above the person's head enables
that person to make adjustments to their choice of music
without leaving the bed. Convenience is nice, too.

Decor really adds to the experience of damaging ones dermas.

This plaque really leads one to believe that in damaging
ones dermas, it is actually a TREAT and we should
indulge ourselves, just a tad, by tanning.

So, why do I tan? Because I feel better tan. I feel prettier. Skinnier. Slimmer. And so, to get a jump start on summer, I tan. And a new salon just opened in my little town and I took a leap and left my old place of comfort and tried a posh salon. And it's oh so nice. And closer to my home. And because the beds are new and hotter, I only go 12 minutes instead of 25 and I can be back home from a session in 30 minutes. Which makes me a better mommy since the rugrats are only alone for that long instead of an hour. Somehow having the 18 year old boys home doesn't add security for me....
I could type a whole lot on why I feel all those above feelings and how society has ruined me since models are tan, etc. but I won't. I like the warm feeling I get, whether it's in a tanning bed or on a shiny metal blanket under the sun (okay, I stopped using the metal blanket years ago). I like being tan. Always have. Is now where I mention that this probably stems from waking on summer mornings to find my mommy laying on her chase lounge, metal blanket reflcting in the sun and smelling of coconut oil? No, not here? Don't mention my mommy basking in the sun? Okay, I take it back. She is not the reason I tan today. Maybe then but not now. I'll pull on my big girl panties and take responsibility for what I am doing.
And man alive, does it feel good!!!
Oh, you can tan while nursing. Just be sure to cover them babies up as burned you know what's and nursing babes will not bode well together. Just a little tid bit for ya!
One more thing, this is not an advertisement for any salon or for tanning. Proceed at your own risk. And if you really want to know what those risks are, read this.


  1. You've made me want to run out and tan, Joy! I use to love going to the tanning bed, for the same reasons you've mentioned. I can't go to a tanning salon here, but I do try to get out in the back yard during nap time, for at least 30 minutes!

  2. I tan - it's good for my mental health. I miss tanning while I'm pregnant though.


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