Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2 - Bus Rides, Walmart & Food

With the time change, we got a little mixed up on what time it was so we missed traditional church today. We needed to eat though, so we went to this neat bakery, Sweet Things, Lazaro Cardenas 64, Bucerias, for brunch. We had a nice meal of pancakes, fried papas, 2 eggs and bacon for 55 pesos (roughly $5.50 US) plus juice or coffee. It was a nice friendly place, owned by a Canadian family who has been in the area for the past 9 years.

Javier was happy to eat some food! He was a hungry boy.
You can see Melynda in the background...we sat at 3 different tables.

The Grandparents - the wall is painted a bright sea green that
added a nice feeling to the place - outside - and a pretty backdrop for their
picture to be taken!!!
Here are the "big boys." I'm standing the garden/wild area.
Look past the boys and you can see my parents, and Melynda...

After brunch, Nana and I took the bus to Walmart for groceries. It was a long hot ride. We should have gone to the Mega, right up the street but didn't realize we paid the longer fair til it was a done deal... so we rode clear to Walmart. We should have taken the loss and stayed closer to home but we live and learn, right?!

We got food: fruit, bread, cereal, yogurt, milk... basics for breakfast... and spent 500 pesos!!! WoWzers! I treated Mom to papinos con limon y sal (sliced cucumbers with lime and salt) for the bus ride home. It was nice treat in the heat.

I visited, in Spanish, with a little girl who was 6 years old. She was so cute!

For supper, we ate at Claudio's on Meson Bay. I had pollo con mole (chicken with mole, a kind of spicy chocolate sauce) and Roy had shrimpp tacos. Several had fajitas and all had a drink of sorts - limonada, Pepsi... all for 887 pesos - about what we would pay at home at a Mexican restaraunt. Great service - yummy food and a beach front table to see the ocean waves!
Paco, day two wounds, with his Daddy's hat on. To the right of the railing is the ocean!!

Walking home, we decided to take the beach, stroller and all. It was so fun, the kids wading, us walking, when the next thing we know, a HUGE sneaker wave comes and nearly carries the stroller off!!! We all got wet, the kids and Roy very wet!! Before I knew it, the big goys were body surfing, little girls were shell searching and Roy doing it all. Even little Javier went "swimming."

It was so much fun - I think that night will be long remembered.

We ended the night by having home church. Granddad read from John 6 and then asked us our view on different people involved in the feeding of the 5,000. It was neat to hear the different takes we all had on how we might have felt if it had been us in the situation. To close, he had us say something we appreciate about the person to our left. It was a really nice family service.

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