Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canning - A Spritual Experience

If you have ever canned, you know that the best sound is "PING" when the jars seal. Having established this as the best sound, I have to say, it is heavenly. If you can imagine the relief of seeing the angels a'coming, that is what my body feels when it hears "PING." And for each "PING," I offer up one of two phrases:

Thank you, Jesus! or

Praise Jesus!

My lips never grow tired of giving thanks where thanks is due, especially when canning. Why?

Well, I'm no scientist so I have no idea why the silly things seal in the first place! I just follow the directions and do as I've been instructed and PRAY they turn out. Do you know what the crazy thing is? 9 times out of 10 they do!!! "THANK YOU, JESUS!!!"

Canning is one of the most spiritual things I do. Just keepin' it real here, folks. During the process, I pray, not just for my yummy jelly, jams, green beans, tomatoes, etc. but for others. Canning gives me the opportunity to slow down, 'cause it is a slow process people, breathe deeply and think. Think upon Jesus with a thankful heart.

I think and pray for my two boys in college who will delight in eating these yummy goods. For my little children at home who delight in opening a new jar from the pantry, excited to taste its goodness. For the people in my church who will receive a jar with love. For my friends who may receive a jar as a gift at Christmas. For my family who I can surprise with a jar for their families. For my nephews and their little families.

This is why canning is a spiritual experience for me. I love it. I look forward to it. I rest in it.

Coming up? Things I have been canning!!! Stay tuned for some humdingers!!!

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