Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strawberry Lavender Jam

I tried my hand at Strawberry Lavender Jam this year. I had 4 lbs of strawberries and too many to count lavender plants outside so I set out in search of the perfect recipe and by George, I FOUND IT!

Here you see the strawberries and lavender boiling. That's an important step in jam making:

See the Lavender? The smell was out of this world delicious!!!

I also found a new use for my Pampered Chef mix-n-chop - it works perfectly for mashing fruit in jam making. I used it for my peach recipes, too.

8 nicely sealed jars of the nectar:

And here's where I remembered to take a picture of it on my toast. I probably shouldn't tell you this was my second piece....

The one different thing to this recipe than anything else I've made is the overnight step of letting the lavender, strawberries and sugar mix flavors. I think that proved to make the lavender really come through in a nice, not overpowering but "I'm here!" way.

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