Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advantages and DISadvantages

of being the winner of a giveaway AND living close to the give-awayER.

Last night, I met up with Stephanie, the winner of my giveaway. And here's what I made her do:

Here our winner, receiving her prize. And just so you know, she came through on her promise to deliver and an amazing exchange was had. She got tequila chocolate and I brought home kahlua chocolate - all from Mexico! In fact, I had one for breakfast this morning! Shhh, don't tell anyone. Thanks everyone for playing!

Now, my new computer:

She is gorgeous! A beautiful bronze color that matches my beautiful external hard drive. I didn't even plan it and it worked out... beautifully. I'm on a creative roll, look out people!

She's more than I need and I hope I don't let her down by not learning all the in's and out's of her smooth running system.

And, since our office computer is still waiting for parts to come in, we really needed me to have a running computer so I can get my work done! That being said, I am off to try and make peace offerings to the following institutions: Social Security, IRS, also pet named Iris since I report to her each month, and our local unemployed office to defend our employer rights. That's a lot to bite off today, so I'd better get a'crackin' or my higher up's won't be too happy with me since they are babysitting both boys this morning so I can get some work done.

Off to the races! Wish my luck. It's not fun making mistakes 2 years ago and then to be told to fix them. Ugh! Like I said, wish me luck!!!


  1. So when I posed for that picture, I of course knew it was going to be posted on your blog. That being said...aaaah! what was I thinking! At least I was smiling, albeit a 'weird' smile...

    Go get em girl! Put your best face on, smile pretty (better than I can, of course, ha) and be nice... You will get your mistakes fixed and will learn from those mistakes...


  2. Oh, yeah... And I ended up eating one of the chocolates last night, and brought the other two for my snack this afternoon... mmm.... Can't decide whether I like the Tequila or the Kahlua chocolates better


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