Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Melynda's Ruffles

Sweet Melynda brought her choir outfit home today. Oh Mylanta! I'm glad we had unflattering robes when I was in school so it didn't matter what we wore underneath as long as black nylons and heels showed, we were set! Those were the days. Long, unflattering red stinking robes. Fast forward a few years and viola! Ruffles!

And more ruffles!

And hips. Even when you don't have any. She has the cutest tiniest waste line! And she has the most gorgeous body ever. Seriously. She is toned and has the right proportions of everything. Just wait til she has babies. Don't tell her - she's oblivious.

And do you like the backdrop for our modeling shoot? Pozole bubbling on the stove, food chopper on the counter, coffee mug not far from reach.... such is life. At least mine!

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  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Very nice, Mommy. I like it. Please don't talk about my hips online. Or me having babies. Or my body. Or yours.

    I do love you, though!!!


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