Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally - he's arrived!

Can you tell what this picture is? More specifically, what they picture represents? What it signifies?

This my friend, is the beginning of the end. With the BIG 4-0 right around the corner, my sweet darling husband (DH) found this while at conference last weekend.
Do you know hard it is to take a picture of quality with a cell phone? Oh, that's right, it's NOT possible - not one of HIGH quality, anyway.

So can you get what it is?
If not, take a look at this and know that I've far outdone my DH on this front and I'm ions younger...

grey hair. He found one. One. Yes, one. And he freaked out!!!


  1. Steve's had quite a bit of grey hair since his 20's, but holy cow it got REALLY grey when he was in Iraq...go figure! As for myself...I haven't found one yet...but I'm not looking. I'm too preoccupied with all the wrinkles at the moment.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Roy! 40 years old and you look great... Wish I looked as good, but oh well - at least I don't ACT 40+ years old, learn from your wonderful sister-in-law... Immaturity ALWAYS confuses them.. he he

    One gray hair, I am surprised that Joy hasn't given more to you before now.... Loves!


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