Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Pledge

Believing in the true sprit of Christmas, I commit myself to:

Remember those people who truly need my gifts.
Express my love in more direct ways than gifts.
Examine my holiday activites in light of my deepest values.
Be a peacemaker within my circle of friends and family.
Rededicate myself to my spiritual growth.

From "Unplug the Christmas Machine"

I also pledge to:
~ Have a debt-free Christmas. If I can't afford it - I won't buy it!

~ Change 2009 by:
Spend more time in my home.
Hug the kids more.
Kiss the Hubby
Read more
Play with the dog
Work outside
Stay on our budget
Speaking of the dog...

I'm posting these down because I feel like if I am willing to make a lifestyle change at Christmas; which I am and have, shouldn't I live that way year around? If this is the life I desire, it can't just be at Christmas that I "don't spend so much." It needs to be daily!

Now, I'm off-line to make more yummy goodies - in my home, my warm, fireplace heated home. Ahhhh. I do love Christmas time!


  1. Zorro IS a handsome boy!

  2. Mom/Nana7:12 PM

    That is really good & Zorro agrees, thank you I need to do these too.

  3. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Your doggie lovers will like this one!


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