Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Green Gift Bags - aka CHEAP TOTES!

Have you ever wondered about all the pretty glossy wrapping paper and where it goes after your loved one has unwrapped it? Well, it goes to the landfill. The percentage of people who actually re-use wrapping paper is VERY small! It's too much work at Christmas and the amount of wrap we're talking about it HUGE!

And the gift bags? Aren't they easy? YES! But again, unless you re-use them (like I do) they go to the landfill. Gift bags are easier to re-use than wrapping paper to be sure and it is more accepted to re-gift a gift bag than crinkeled up torn wrapping paper. The biggest bummer for me and wrapping paper is, it's glossy so it can't be burned or easily recycled!
What's the answer? Well, the Sunday Comics are an answer if you want to wrap. Also, I've seen advertisements used as wrapping.
But what about this? Re-usable bags/totes!
These grocery totes (above) sell for .99!

This canvas tote (above) is .99, too while the colored canvas ones are $1.49.
These Gusett Non-Woven Poly Propylene Totes are .99!
These smaller gift totes are a a mere .69 but they are sold out until January 1st.

This is a promo tote so buy while it's a cheap at .69!

For the guys in my life, I found these awesome Boise State Brocos bags on sale for a buck and will enjoy wrapping presents in these! Go BSU!

There are many places you can find re-usable bags or totes for a dollar or less. Here's what I'm going to do this year:
1) Not buy any new gift bags - not just talking Christmas but for everything.
2) Keep an eye out for re-usable bags and use them instead
3) Use the newspaper we have on hand as tissue paper
4) Wrap in comics, when needed
Now, I have some wrapping paper on hand from years past so it may take me a few times to actually run out of the wrap. What I'm changing is NOT buying any more!
I'm so excited!!! Are you?


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  2. I have enough gift bags on hand to last forever, I think. But I love the idea of grocery totes. I'm on the look out for BIG ones to take grocery shopping. Any suggestions?


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