Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I ordered my start-up sytem from Azure Standard and couldn't wait to open my worms! Everything I've read about composting says the best way is composting with worms. Redworms, to be exact. Did you know they can consume up to half their weight in "food" a day? So my 1,000 red worms weigh about 1 lb and can consume 1/2 lb of scraps a day! WHOO HOO!!!!

1. Start with a nice size tote with holes drilled in the bottom and sides.
2. Add some dirt on the bottom - sprinkle with water so it's moist.
3. Add moist shredded newspaper on top of the dirt. (see below):

4. Get about a pound of redworms, 1000 count.

5. GENTLY dump them in the bin on top of the paper:

6. Watch them dive for cover!
7. Add some food for them to start eating!
8. Put lid on!
9. Set in isolated dark area that doesn't freeze nor an area that will bake the little crawlers. (We choose a corner in our pantry that works for us.)
10. Bury the food under the paper and then just work clockwise around and by the time you do that, you can just keep going!
Other things:
~They don't like vibrations - washer/dryer for example
~ The bedding needs to be kept moist but not wet.
~ Don't bother them too much!
~ Under the tote, place tin to catch any water - or something to keep it from making a mess.
What to feed them?
The easiest answer is what NOT to feed them. Same as a compost pile outside.
NO meats, fats or dairy!
All fruit and veggies plus grains.
They LOVE coffee grounds and filters AND tea bags!
NO metal or other noncompostable material.
Yes to dryer lint but that can be thrown in the garden and tilled in, too.
I'll write about how to separate the worms from the compost and also how to expand your worm popluation to increase production - later.
This compost is SO valuable! You will use it in your garden, beds and anywhere you are planting something!!! Plus, you are decreasing your footprint by sending less to the landfill and saving money by not buying mulch or any other planting soil!

Questions? Suggestions? Let's here 'em!


  1. This is on my list of to-dos this year! I'm wondering, though, how to incorporate them into my larger compost pile, and feeding my chickens. I think I'd filled up a bin like that pretty quickly. How often can you dump out the compost (and without hurting the worms)?

  2. Joy, you are AWESOME!!! I love all that you do!!


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