Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Would NEVER post this...

I have just connected with a very funny gal in West Sussex, UK. I have no idea where West Sussex is but there is a picture of her on a beach and it's sunny and for that, I wished I was there today.

Not the point - what is the point???

Well, her writing style is a little different than mine. I read this post by her and have to say, "While I would NEVER in a hundred years write about this, I have wanted to!!!"

The Queen Doesn't Have to Do This! but perhaps should be, "The Queen SHOULDN'T Have to Do This.....

I hope you find it as funny as I did. I'm still chuckling.


  1. Thank you for dropping in today and I'm glad you had fun! Thanks too for the comments - it always amazes me that most of us have more in common than we have differences. OH! And I popped over and read your link to the other site - what a roar!

  2. Now a lass from East Sussex UK, ie. south east corner ( 2 hours from London) in England is visiting you too.
    I also read about the Queen Doesn't Have to do This, and I too thought it was such a giggle and not something I would have posted either. But there you are we are all a bit different!!
    Can I come and raid your pantry? My what a collection there is. Mind you with such a large family at home you need it.
    I am an empty-nester now my five have flown the coop, so my stocks are always minimal.

    Love Granny


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