Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Steelers!

You have arrived! You made it to the big game! I am excited for....
Please don't tell anyone. That's really what this day is about for me.
But I want you to know, Steelers, I am cheering for you!
Why? Well, you see, it's a little complicated.
Actually, it's not complicated at all. It's more.... delicate. Yes, delicate.
You, Steelers, were my first real boyfriends favorite team! I remember his Steelers baseball cap, his Steelers big armed tank top that showed his entire side and when I got to wear it, I had to wear a regular tank underneath less I .... uh.... fall out.
I was 16. It was my sophomore year of high school. His name was Jesse. He had blonde hair, a little longer in back and it was naturally curly on his neck. Thinking of it now, I guess it was a "modern mullet." Eeek! Is there such a thing? Anyways, that's really it. Shorter on tops and sides and longer and curly but it couldn't touch his collar at the school we went to so it wasn't "long."
He was cute and sang baritone in choir. His parents lived in an amazing historic house with a wrap around porch. Gorgeous hardwood floors, wood accents around the doors and the molding was beautiful!!! His mom and I shared the same first name.
And the Steelers were his favorite team. So, tomorrow, they are my team. Monday, we'll go back to being Denver Bronco fans.
Oh, and Jesse? Well, I haven't seen him for years but I hear he's not doing so hot. It's really sad. There are some bad things out there and they just mess people up. Meth is one of those things. :(
But, this is a post about FOOD and The SUPER BOWL! So,

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  1. The Hubby11:06 PM

    I have always liked the Steelers until now!!! Go Cardinals. As for Jesse, well I never met him but I am sure he was worthy of your attention at 16!! Good luck tomorrow, you will need it.


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