Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What's Been Happening

My big boys came home from college and we enjoyed having them around. It's so much fun to cook for big eaters. They were very busy and rarely here but when they were, meal time was great!
We had a White Christmas and that has been wonderful!
For the past month I have been in the kitchen making things I don't make year around... here's a peek at what I've done:

Cranberry Sauce made with all but one organic ingredients! I didn't have organic orange juice but everything else was organic and that excited me! I made it for Christmas Day and it was delicious! And I want to say it was SO easy and fast!!!

You saw my post on this day and here's a real life picture of how that turned out.

Here's my brother, devouring one of my little morsels.

The week of Christmas was a blast! On the 23rd we had DH's family over and I made pozole. It's the most delicious Mexican sopa ever! Okay, that's my opinion. But man alive is it good! And they all thought so too, because there was NONE left!

Christmas Eve my whole family went to the Candlelight Service at church. It was so awesome this year because it was bilingual! See a clip of our service here! I sang "Mary Did You Know" and then my brother Larry and I had a duet of "The Babe in the Manger."

From service, we came to my home where we had our traditional Clam Chowder and Oyster Stew. All of us but my nephew Tyler and his little family were here. We really missed him. His little girl is so cute and it just older than Javier by 6 months. We opened gifts first this year, after our traditional story time, and then we ate!

Christmas morning was my little family's time to open our gifts and share in the excitement of Jesus being born! We read a chapter from Max Lucado's book, God Came Near. I shared some questions to Mary with you on Chirstmas Eve.

From there, our older kids went to other places for the day; we went to my parents home. I made the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes, organic. We had a restful day of just being in one place, hanging out, napping, visiting, eating and watching a movie.

I pray you had a blessed Christmas and are ready for 2009. I am working on what, if any, my resolutions are going to be. I have some goals and Roy and I are working on how we can make some changes in our lives. So, stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing Christmas!! I'm so glad you liked the cranberry sauce. : ) Those little morsels look fabulously gooey and delightful. My mother used to make pozole when we had large family gatherings when I was young. Mmmmm...

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