Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Way!

When you buy a new computer, a good HP computer, and you spend the money to upgrade to the new Quick Books program, you should be able to reconcile your checkbook. Seriously!!!

But no. DH has been on the phone with Quick Books working on some, "merging issues we're having with Vista...." for TWO HOURS! This is insane. I need to reconcile the account(s) so they can get sent off to the accountant because corporate taxes are due March 15 - not April 15!!! And all I can see is...


I doubt we need to ask DH what he sees. I just know that after the amount of money we have spent on our system and upgrades, this should not be happening. Not now. Not ever.

And my brain is fried. And what should have been done at noon is has not even begun. And I'm running on borrowed time. And I don't like this - not one bit.

So, if you know Quick Books, inside and out, just stop by and catch me up a bit, okay?

And don't forget to PRAY!! I've been doing lots of that today. :)


  1. The Hubby6:38 PM

    Thank God for Technical Support. Although Shiela in the Phillipines could not help me after two hours, Paul in Lord knows where saved the day in half the time. All up and running and all is well.

    Smile cause I love you and thanks for all you do for our company.

  2. My husband had similar problems with his system when he first installed it. Don't ask me how he solved them but it your story sounds horribly familiar. Prayer helps everything!! I know. I know. I just survived something I thought would kill me and here I am! (A little exaggeration goes a long way in my life. :D )


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