Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Baby is 2!

Cuanto anos tienes?
reply: dos! holding up each pointer finger, sometimes with chocolate!
Two Years ago today our sweet little Javier Don was born! Because his birth was my dream come true, I told you all about, whether you wanted to hear it or not! And again, because his birth brings back so many good memories, you can read about it again - ha!

And then my baby turned 1! and he wasn't even crawling in the traditional sense of the word. He was so cute! Just like his Moma.

And only parents of a one year old think something like this is cute.

And then we come to today. Sniff sniff. Javi did learn to crawl. And walk. And run. And talk... well kinda. He knows exactly what he's saying, I'll have you know. And occasionaly, we do to! Especially the words: mine, no, uh-oh, family names, woof for Zorro, agua for anything to drink, bye bye, adios and he loves to blow kisses when he says, go! All in all I think he's around 30-40 words when you add English, Spanish and ASL.
We're not celebrating the little guy's birthday til the 17th but we'll do a little something for him today. I just can't believe that my baby is two. Two and self-weaned for months, walking, talking and learning to go pee pee in the potty. Oh my.

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  1. What a dolly baby!!! Happy Birthday beautiful boy!! It goes too fast....ahhhhhhhh!


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