Thursday, April 09, 2009

Days 8 & 9 to a Greener You!

Day 8: Eat without Meat. The raising, processing, shipping and storage of meat can negatively impact the environment. Aim for a few meatless meals each week, choosing beans, nuts and legumes for protein.

There's nothing I love better than a medium rare prime rib! That being said, I do cook several meatless meals a week - cost, convenience and environmentally are motivators for me. I love cooking with beans - I get different organic kinds from Azure Standard. I can't afford organic meat so I use more organic beans than I used to.

Day 9: Drive less. If you can walk or bike to your destination, then do it! You'll get fit, save money, and pollute less. Choosing public transportation (buses, subways & trains) carpooling, or trip combining also helps.

My goal is for all of us to ride our bikes to church (and home) one Sunday this summer. I'm in the process of getting in shape for this. ;) We don't have convenient public transportation but I do carpool and combine trips most of the time. I like planning my route & stops when it comes to my outtings.

Do you have any meatless meals? How about driving less? Any goals in these areas this year?


  1. Really trying to have lovely soups instead of meat. Yum. Just fill saucepan with contents of fridge! so good. But driving is a hard one. We live 3 miles from nearest shop. I tell you what, will bike there the next time I go. And think of you!

  2. Ahh, yes, we have "refigerator soup" once a week here!!!!

    We live 3 miles out, too. Let me know how your ride goes. I have to get in better shape or I'll never make home!!! ha


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