Thursday, April 09, 2009

Good Friday

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Shyanne intent on the exact color

Paco a tad annoyed at me and my camera:

The big sister a tad worried at Paco's coloring ability

Happy Melynda
Javi coloring for the first time.
Reminder to self - don't let him suck the color off the eggs.
Bad Mommy! Thankfully, they're non-toxic!!!

"Yes, Moma?"

Kids a colorin'
Paco eating one of his eggsEveryone gets hungry after awhile
One can color eggs only so long before....

Day 10: Hang your laundry. Your clothes dryer is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your house. Try hanging your clothes on lines or racks outside (they'll smell great) or inside!

DH, this really is a desire of mine. How 'bout that clothes line? Mother's Day is coming up...

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  1. The Hubby4:11 PM

    Great Job with the eggs and the kids. As for the laundry hanging on the line; that can be your have of the laundry duty. ;-)


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