Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 Weeks From Now!

2 Weeks from today will be Paco's 5th birthday in Orlando, Florida! (Ican't believde it will be 5 years since this little man escaped my womb.)

We're doing a two-part trip. The first part, Monday - Friday, we'll be staying at the Hilton Walt Disney World Resort. Here, we will attend a conference while my Mom and the boys have fun. I am going to play hookie on Wednesday for Paco's birthday and Mom and I will take him and Javier to Disney World! He already has his Birthday Pass from Mickey to get in free and he's so excited!!!

Did you know I died my hair? See below? That's me basking in the sun - alone. ha ha ha. If my boys were anywhere near her she would not look so peaceful either!!!

I've been hard at work trying to find us deals and free things to do while there. My list is long and I'm so excited!!!

I joined for latest deals, gave us a free Magicard; which has tons of discounts. gives detailed menu prices so we'll be sure to scan those before departing.

I can't wait to see the Lego Imagination Center with Paco. He is in love with blocks, as is Javier. I've read a lot and listened and it seems that there is "Disney" everywhere and Downtown Disney is free and their restaraunt and stores are less expensive than in the parks. So, we're doing the park thing one day and then we're playing it by ear.

We are going to do at least one dinner show and it's either going to be Arabian Nights or Medieval Times. I think the Pirate Show may scare Javi.

More later on the 2nd half of our trip when we go "off-site!"

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  1. Sounds like it is going to be one busy time, even for a holiday!

    Love Granny


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