Friday, May 29, 2009

School's Out For Summer!

Normally, on the last day of school, I am as excited as the kids! This year is different, I'm sad to say....

They have their own plans. With their own friends. Without me. They get out of school in one hour but I won't see them til tomorrow!!! What gives?

And, if I weren't so overwhelmed with my mile long list to leave to Sunday, I might just break down and cry. But I don't have time for that today.

Why? Well, I need to pack myself and two little boys for a 9 day trip. I need to finish laundry. I need to...
~ finish the schedule of events for the home front so I can leave with peace that the poor souls not going to Orlando know when to water, mow and feed our dear dog. Oh, and know when Melynda has Driver's Ed - that's a milestone!
~ Make Birthday T- Shirt for Paco for Disney World and one for Javi so he's not left out.
~ Pack
~ Get carry on's ready for two little boys
~ Pack
~ Get carry on ready for Moma
~ Pack
~ Win the lotto. Wait, I don't play it - can one of you win it for me and just give me some $$$?
~ Pack.

That's it. I have already:
~ Tie-Dyed our trip shirts for travel days.
~ Have our Orlando folder ready
~ Bought Arabian Night tickets from undergroundtourist!
~ Got the garden ready to leave - thanks Roy!
~ Made granola and trail mix for snacking.
~ Made cupcakes for Paco's last day of school
~ Had a board meeting
~ Done loads of laundry
~ hung tinsel in fruit trees to deter birdies eating the fruit
~ made lots of lists.

If I don't post before leaving - ta ta! I'm off the the Sunshine State!

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation in Orlando!
    Loosening the apron strings comes hard at times... be gentle with yourself.

    Love Granny


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