Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Northwest Vacation

Last Wednesday, the kids, my Mom and I loaded up into our Suburban and headed to the great Northwest! We have had a great week so far, seeing friends and family along the way.

Our dear friends, Pete & Nancy, hosted us for 3 nights in their home in Olympia. Actually, we took over their home! They gave us their house and they moved in with their son while we were there!!! Talk about giving, huh?! It was a great time. Cool weather that I'd love to see some of today, scenic drives to Port Orchard to see our dear friend, Doris, lunches out, parks to play at/on and coffee to drink!

A day of haircuts, and boy do I mean haircuts was held, too!

On Saturday, we found the Woodburn Outlet Mall and had a great 4 hours of school shopping time. That evening we made it to McMinnville, the city my Mother was born in, and where her sister still lives. A nice supper with family and then off to the mountains of Panther Creek!

Sunday brought more coffee, scenic drives and visits plus a little detour to see where my Mom's brother is buried. Then we landed in Newberg where we will stay this week.

We left my DH home working, getting stung by wasps working in the recycling (poor thing!!!) and taking care of Zorro.

Good times for sure!

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