Monday, July 27, 2009

Yearly Meeting Time!

It's July and that means Yearly Meeting Sessions in Newberg, Oregon! It's hot-hot-hot here, similar to home but more humid. Last year, I blogged a little and am excited about our little guy Roosbell. I can't believe it's already been a year but I do feel that I lived this past year differently - better - for Christ. I seek ways to serve God more. I try to have quiet time daily with him... try.

And here I am again, sitting in a dorm room on the gorgeous George Fox campus, blogging. Life really is grand.

I was excited to meet up with my new friend Patty and learn more about the ministry she is involved with: Peace Through Pieces. I was even more excited to talk her into coming to visit us and share with our area meetings what is happening with Peace Through Pieces and THARS. Plus, I am honored to have some bags made by the quilters in Africa to sell at home!!! YEAH!

I've made some new friends and visited with some long-time friends and it's been a great day so far!

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