Thursday, February 04, 2010



Stella is a little over a year old and I am so excited to welcome her into our family. And now, let me introduce her to you...

First kiss when we met yesterday
Arriving home.

Introducing the kids and Stella...
she was a surprise.

Love at First Sight for these two gals.

Showing Stella with love and attention.

Stay tuned for Stella updates as we all adjust to a new family member. As for Zorro and Stella... well let's just say, Zorro is WAY more excited to have Stella than the other way around. For now. We're hopeful they'll be buds before we know it.
Stella is a true rescue. She was rescued as a tiny pup from a horrendous life. Her last adopted family loves her so much but due to some circumstances in their lives, needed to find a different home for her.... that's where we fit into the picture!
24 hours ago, I got the first call that Stella was needing a home and here I am, blogging about my new baby girl while she naps on her bed next to my feet.
Finally, my Doxie days have begun again. Praise the Lord! These are the two breeds of dogs I had growing up - Black Lab, "Blackie" and my Doxie "Snitzy."
I'd love to write more and post more pictures but.... mommy duties call. Until next time!

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