Friday, February 05, 2010

My Baby Girl

Now that you've met Stella, here are some "candid" photos of her.

This first picture shows where Stella is most of the time... at my feet. Looking Left:
Looking Right:
Wanting lovin's...

And occasionaly, she'll even lay on her bed, very near me but a tad warmer on the carpet:

I'm not why Roy isn't smiling. We have our hands full with both dogs together right now. Zorro is still more excited to have Stella than she him. They are having some short lived play times, so that is progress. Here is a picture of Zorro next to the bed and Stella IN our bed.

Night #2: Much better. Slept all night long with my baby girl snuggled up to me. She even did well when Paco came to bed with us at 6 AM... gave him kisses but then burrowed back down to snuggle with me.
She doesn't like men and it's taking her a while to warm up to Reggie. She has a thing with glasses and facial hair. While Reggie doesn't have either, he does have hair! And perhaps she can't tell if it's on his face or not. ha. And Reggie is a big boy so it is obvious she is very intimidated by him. Poor Reggie! He's the gentlest giant! Most of these relationships are on Stella's terms so... we'll see how quickly she warms up to all these men in our lives.
As for the little boys - keep praying she warms up to them! It's so hard for Paco & Javi to "ignore her" as I keep telling them. :( Soon, we pray. Soon.

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