Monday, April 19, 2010

A Heart Like Jesus

Max Lucado has a little pocket book out called, "A Heart Like Jesus" and it is rocking my world! I'm being challenged on loving, forgiving and living.

I have not been blogging much and perhaps you wonder why? Maybe not. ;)

I'm licking my wounds. I don't want to bore you with my hurts so I don't write.

I'm in a dry spell. I'm crying out to God for mercy and love and am not sure I am ready to share this part of my journey with the dot com world.

While I am not stagnant (see first sentence), I am in pain. Who wants to read a sad, painful, depressing blog??? Not I, for sure! So, I am sparing both you and me from having to read or write such misery.

No need for's just spring. What do we do in the spring? We prune. We trim. We uproot the dead ugly stuff and plant life. I believe I am right on schedule for the season. I am being trimmed and pruned. It hurts. It's not fun. It's ugly.

I am hopeful, though! This is the season for new beginnings! For new life, blossoms and blooms. Soon, summer will be here and I'll be maturing. Who knows when harvest time will arrive so before I get too far ahead of myself, know I am well. I am alive! I am living.

I hope to have some fun pictures to post soon. Then, we'll all smile. Promise.

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  1. Hi Joy - I'm sorry to read you are feeling down. Can I help? We really ought to try to get together - - it is easier said than done though, isn't it? Let's just do it.


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