Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twilight Saga

It's true, I can't and won't deny it. I have read the Twilight Saga. In fact, I will read Eclipse again before seeing the movie, just as soon as Melynda is done reading it for the first time.

I confess, I have reservations as to the age appropriateness of this series; which is why Melynda is just reading them now. I needed to read them first and I have done some research on who the author wrote them for... Young Adults!!! So, Sky gets to look forward to reading them in high school. I know many feel differently, and that's great! We're makes the world go round.

There are many serious subject matters that come up in Twilight Saga. As for the movies, well, I stand by my saying that the books are ALWAYS better than a reel. Always. My imagination is awesome, I guess. That and the details are very important. The books are really what changed my mind on Twilight. I saw the first movie and hated it. Truly hated it!

Then I got the book for Christmas and finally ready it - felt it was very different than the movie. Wouldn't say loved it. Read New Moon... it captured my attention. Eclipse - enjoyed it. Breaking Dawn... really had to enter the fantasy realm to enjoy it but once I did that - enjoyed it.

Will I see Eclipse? YES! Do I expect it to be better than the book? Never!

Twilight Addict? Yep. If for no other reason than it drives my family crazy and I love getting reactions.

Would I recommend the series? Yes, for Young Adults. They're really not for kids, according to the author and my conservative standards. Some subjects are really age-appropriate and Twilight has many.

It's been fun! I even have a New Moon plastic cup that I got for Mother's Day (from me) and I love watching the family roll their eyes and get all weirded out.

Here's to summer reading! May your book list be long and your days (and nights) full of tall tales and imagination.

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  1. This is so true. I can't believe how addicted you have become to this type of series. Almost scary......oooohhhh. Looking forward to seeing the premiere with you.


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