Friday, December 03, 2010

Tis the Season!

My parent's 41st Open House is this Sunday and I thankfully got the peppermint bark finished today. 2 big batches ought to do the trick!

Christmas music is blaring and I'm singing at the top of my lungs as I putter around the house. Many in my family are getting rice pillows I am making. Shhh, don't tell. I'm using lavendar from my island and oh my they are wonderful. I need to get moving faster on them if they're all to to be complete for this Christmas! HA!

Our December calendar is made I am so happy with it. The kids love seeing what's coming up and when things are happening. I included many more pictures with it this year so Javi can get all excited, too.

Tonight we'll watch The Christmas Story and get the boys wanting BB Guns even more than they do now! Tomorrow our decorations go up and we'll trim the tree tomorrow evening. It will be our first year without Troy and that's sad but life.

Am sure you're all busy too! Don't forget...

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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