Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Snow Suits

Boys will be boys.... they got themselves a snow fort!

And I can I just say.... the new suit that Javier has on is the BEST ever?!?!?!?! It's from Cabela's and we got it for Paco when he was 2 1/2. It's a 4T and he wore it the 2 1/2 winter, the next and the year after that (4 1/2) for a total of 3 years. I think he even wore it some last year but it was a bit snug - he just loved it too much. At a whopping $70, it might make you turn close your eyes and head to Walmart for the suits at $20... DON'T! This suit HERE is worth every single hard earned penny!


They only have to wear one single layer under it to stay warm. It keeps them DRY and toasty warm no matter what the temperature is... and believe me, we've put it to the test! It's sturdy, well made and went through Paco for 4 years and now is on to Javier and you can't tell it's been used at all!!!

Paco came in from playing outside today... cold. wet down to his britches. cold. What was he wearing? You guessed it. Walmart bib overalls. They were wet clear through to his pants. He was miserable! We put him in another pair from Walmart and sent him back out after changing his clothes and when he came in... wet all over again.

Javier? Same snow suit each time he's gone out to play (3 times so far) and it's dry and he's warm.

Why did I buy those bibs for Paco when they were on sale? To save a buck. Was it worth it? No. I'm kicking myself now cause someone had better hold me back or I'll be down at Cabela's by sun-up getting my boy some good snow gear.

Now, if only we could find some snow boots that worked as well...

P.S. Cabelas does not pay me one iota for this blog post. They may know I exist after flooding them with darling pictures of Paco goose hunting in all Cabela's gear... but this is not a paid advertisement. I would let them send me suit for Paco if they wanted, though.

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