Thursday, December 09, 2010

Early Christmas Present!!!

I am one happy gal! My girlfriend and I exchanged gifts last night and she gave me the most perfect gift! You see, she is the one who started me on this passion.

The inscription is perfect, too, showing our true friendship,
" Joy ~ Now you have an answer to ALL your questions! Merry Christmas, A."

I got home a little late last night and as quickly as I could without be overly rude to DH, i climbed in to bed with warm rice pillow and carafe of tea and read the first two chapters through!

Can't wait to read more and then put it to the test on my machine!

There are several things for quilting I want/need that are on my Christmas list... I've bought myself a couple of them already to help DH out but I'm hoping the most exciting one I get from him is a quilting retreat/workshop in McCall at Quaker Hill in March! I'll let him combine it with my birthday present for ONCE. I'm that nice of a gal.

My machine is humming along with Christmas gifts! I have 9/14 completed! WHOO HOO!

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