Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Canning Season 2011

Canning season is underway. In past years, I have purchased most of the stuff I was canning and so it was a huge project that plumb wore me out but it was over in a matter of days...

Now, I am canning from the garden so it seems like a never ending canning season. One batch today, two yesterday, one tomorrow, all spread out, taking FOREVER!

I know I prefer the first way as far as my time goes and having canning stuff out forever but price wise, my investment were the plants or seeds (some were free), my organic spray I use from Melaleuca and our time.

So, I guess I prefer the way I'm doing it this year as opposed to past years since my quarts of green beans and tomatoes have become pennies to the dollar now and they're exactly what I want - natural, no chemicals and I know what we're getting.

Jams have been made and canned, too, using Chillover Powder from MaryJane's Farm. I LOVE IT! I need to order some more so I can finish my jam making for the year.

Back to grindstone, I'm ready for quilting days to come.

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