Saturday, September 03, 2011

EGGS, Costco and LOCO, I mean Local

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This past June, we adopted 13 hens. Then, deciding we were't getting enough eggs, we got 11 more, making a total of 24 hens. Well, they are laying and we're getting about a dozen eggs a day. YAY! Since we have a surplus, we decided to try to sell them and went with the going Farmer's Market rates since we were feeding these little ladies organic feed; which is $3.50/dozen.

I was surpised when on a trip to Costco this summer, I saw they had LOCAL organic eggs for sale. I wondered who was providing them since it is really hard and expensive to get organic feed in Idaho. Then the Costco Connection came out.
I am so upset that Costco thinks Utah is local for Idaho! Is this really what you think of when you are told something is locally raised or grown? Another state?

I don't. I think local means just that, LOCAL. Sure, it's local to people in Lewiston, UT where Oakdell Egg Farms are located. It's not local for me.

So, check things out and be sure what you are buying is what you want to be buying. If you want local farm fresh eggs from hens that are fed 100% organic feed and scratch that I mix together myself to ensure the best and freshest possible, then look no farther! Unless you're not in my neck of the woods then find someone in your neck of the woods....

I just get so frustrated for people who want to buy local and organic and fair trade and they think are meeting their goals only to be disappointed by words and definitions.

That's it for today, coming to you live from Joy's Soapbox, signing off...

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