Thursday, November 17, 2011

CLOROX, the "Parent Company"

In case you've ever wondered what brands Clorox owns, here is a list.  If  you haven't ever wondered, well, you might find yourself surprised.    

Additional Clorox Company products include: Agua Jane®, American Heritage®, Arco Iris®, Arela®, Astra®, Bluebell®, Bon Bril®, Brimax®, Clorinda®, Emperatriz®, Gumption®, Handi-Wipes®, Handy Andy®, Kitchen Bouquet®, La Negrita®, Lemon Tok®, Lestoil®, LĂ­mpido®, Los Conejos®, Luminosa®, Lustrillo®, Mono®, Mortimer®, Nevex®, OSO®, Oxi Magic®, Pal®, Pinoluz®, Prestone®, Primor®, Rota®, Sani Pine®, Selton®, Trenet®, TruBlu®, Ultra Power Yuhanrox®, Wash’n Dri® and XLO®.

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  1. Mom-Nana11:15 AM

    Wow, thanks for sharing.


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