Saturday, December 03, 2011

Elda Brown's 1935 Christmas

I told you about my Great Grandma Elda's December 1934 a long time ago and was brought back to her journal today.  I wondered what she had done on December 3rd...

Dec 3-4-5-6: I worked on my fancy work for Christmas.

There you have it.  In 1935, that is what my Great Grammy did. 

Here's what she received as gifts in 1935:

From Leroy and Marie (daughter): "Radio Stool & their wedding picture."
Vena (daughter) & Allie got her a "pretty pink slip."
Lout & Gladys (daughter) - "cap"
Kenneth (son) & Margaret (my grands) - "Baby's picture" (Waylen)
Hazel (daughter-in-law) got her a "pretty plate and hankerchief."
Leroy (grandson) got her a "broom holder and doorstop."
She got a "perserve dish" at their Christmas meeting at Bowdles.

She doesn't say exatly what she was making with her "handy work," but that is what she gave as gifts and they were completed on December 13th. 

Grandma's Story - Part I 

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