Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growing Up

Here is my 17 year old gorgeous daughter, opening a letter from her 1st choice college:

Reading aloud to us:

With much excitement and help from her brothers:

The more she read, the more excited she got:

Until her joy just erupted into this!!!!!
"I'm IN! YAY!!!!!" 

And then, one look at me and her happiness became tears of joy: 

I'm not sure what my tears are of.  Maybe just tears.  Because, honestly, she's been a part of me as long as my husband has and my stomach literally hurts just thinking of her leaving. 

For now, I'll support, love and encourage her and pray someone is here to help put me back together next fall when she is very very very far away from home.

Man, I'm going to miss my baby girl. 


  1. The Hubby3:43 AM

    Way to go Melynda! Honey, I am the man that will be here to walk through our baby girl going away together. I love you and know our girl will miss you as much as you miss her.

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Yea for Melynda! I'm so happy for her. It's going to be a great experience too.

    And dear Momma, tears are good. It just shows how much you love your girl. It's always hard when the children start leaving the nest. My two went to college the same year! Just to let you know, I will be here for you, when you need a shoulder to cry on. Call me anytime.



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