Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Workout Songs Take 1

I am newly going to our local Y after a prolonged hiatus due to many factors.  I dipped my toes into exercising the way one might dip their big toe into a steaming hot spring.  Unsurprisingly, I did not see or feel any results from my dabbling. 

Here I am after, completing week one of exercising 5 days a week for an hour.  I am also utilizing Sparkpeople, an online resource to track what I eat, what exercises I do, how many calories that exercise burned; as well as track my goals.  My goals are to lose 25 pounds by May 1st, losing two pounds a week.  I input all my data and goals and then it spits out what I need to know: 1) my range of calories, fat, carbs and protein I need to eat in a day and 2) how many calories I need to burn each day.  I am able to set my workout schedule and menu and then thanks to their large database, enter my info in each day.  It is a great accountability partner for me.  There is so much on there I do NOT utilize, support groups, etc. that makes it a valuable site, in my opinion.   

Here is one of my many observations from the Y:  Many people have earbuds/head phones in/on while working out but nobody else is singing along with their music!  Not even silently with only their lips giving away that they are totally busting a move inside!  This is so odd to me.  I find myself totally lost in song, moving my lips while I sing along to the song playing.  Today, I finally decided they just don't have awesome songs on their workout playlist, like yours truly. 

So, in honor of all those people, here is my playlist ( in order):

David Crowder Band "SMS (Shine)"  3:14 mins
David Crowder Band "The Nearness" 3:48 mins
David Crowder Band "Birmingham (We Are Safe)" 3:26 mins
David Crowder Band "Dance" 3:51 mins
John Cougar Mellencamp "Crumblin' Down" 3:36 mins
Queen "We Are the Champions" 3:02 mins (May change out without something faster in the next few weeks...)
Hank Williams Jr. "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" 3:30 mins
Mindy McCready "Guys Do It All the Time" 3:12 mins*
Shania Twain "I'm Outta Here" 4:30 mins*
Alanis Morissette "Hand in My Pocket" 3:42 mins *
Little Big Town "Little White Church" 3:06 mins
Jessica Andrews "Who I Am" 4:15 mins
Casting Crowns "And Now My Lifesong Sings" 4:03 mins

This gives me a solid 45 minutes of songs I love right now to workout to!  I can't help but sing along to, "I gotta little change in my pocket, goin' jinga la a lang.  I wanna call you on the phone, I wanna give you a ring..."  and the beat with Mindy and Shania are perfect for a 3.5 speed on the treadmill!  "Who I Am" is just what I need to finish strong, reminding me of who I am. 

Here's to starting week 2 strong!
*my children don't listen to all of these songs with me... just in case you were wondering. 

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