Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I May Never...

There's a picture hanging in my hall from 2003 when we took two of our many kids to Mexico.  Why only two?  Well, we didn't have three of them yet and the other one had a schedule confilct.  Anyway, back to this picture... we're in our swimsuits, mine a bikini.  I look G-O-O-D.  It's a year after my wedding (remember I married three kids when I married my husband) and I was looking great. 
I may never look like that again.  There, I've said it outloud for the world to see.  I MAY NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT AGAIN!!!

And what if I don't?

I have two healthy sons who each did a number on this bod. 

I love to eat.  I really do.  I love food.  It's flavors, smells and textures bring me pleasure.  I don't eat just for nutrition, I eat because I want to!  It's fun and enjoyable. 

I may never do many things in my life but there are some I really hope I get to do.  Fitting into and looking great in my 2003 bikini is not even on my list. 

I want to feel good.  I want to feel good when I wear a swimsuit.  I want to feel good when I have on jeans.  I want to feel confident wearing a sundress.  I want to BE confident in my own skin.  I want to look in the mirror and smile from my heart on out.
I may never look like that again but I sure hope I feel that way one day again... sooner than later  is preferred.

P.S.  I am blessed to be married to a wonderful Godly man who loves me just the way I am!!!!  That is among blessings I count often. 

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  1. The Hubby5:20 AM

    May I encourage you to be the woman you want to be, but you must know,I still see you as the beautiful woman you are! Attractive, Strong, Couragous, Faith Filled and Loving!

    I Love you.


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