Saturday, January 21, 2012


I just love a good savings, especially when it's on things we are going to buy anyway - like meat!

At my local Winco the other day I happened upon a fabulous chicken thigh special.  It just sealed the deal on what I would make for my sons 22nd birthday dinner.

The savings varied so here is an example:
1.69 pounds that I paid $2.41 for making it 1.42/pound instead of $1.78
1.84 pounds for $2.30 = $1.25/lb (instead of $1.78
2.13 pounds for $2.66 = $1.25/lb.

On 5.66 pounds of chicken thighs, I paid $7.37 for all of them instead of $10.07!  A savings of $2.70!  That is 27% savings!
It's a true savings since we were already needing meat and all I had to do was bring it home and freeze it so that it would make it one week for our party tomorrow.  What I also look for is meat that hasn't been frozen before; which this hasn't.  While I regret that I couldn't buy organic meat this time, I was able to buy hormone and antibiotic free meat, no salt added and never frozen.  So, I feel this is my next to organic option. 

Always out for a deal; especially on things we truly need and will use... er, eat. 

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  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    You are awesome getting those great deals.



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