Thursday, April 05, 2012

Impact Tour

6 weeks has passed since I last posted???  How is that possible.  I am still on my "new" wellness/nutrition plan and I'm not sure how well it's going other than it's going....

I was able to go on tour with oldest daughter and her high school group this past month!  DH and I  drove a pickup and hauled the trailer with all the stuff that goes with any kind of trip and a bunch of youth.  Clear to the Canadian border we drove and had a blast!

Here I am, praying with four young men.  It was a crazy powerful time for me.

Here's DH sharing how his life was before Jesus and what God saved him from.

While in Montana, the church we were helping and our team ministered together and impacted one another! From handing out pizza in the high school to a 3-on-3 basketball tournament; from painting to praying our Impact Team did just that! Lives were changed, hearts were moved and Jesus Christ worked in and through the lives of 29 students from Idaho and 11 adults and countless Montanans. Student led worship and testimony left one feeling blessed to be a part of something so special. One could not leave our services without being impacted by the Holy Spirit. What a blessing this tour was to those of us involved in any way. 

I even made a new friend!  I am so sorry that our daughters have gone through high school together and we've just now connected.  God's timing is perfect and He knows what is best and I sure am blessed to have gotten to know Miss C.  (The pictures are compliments from her, too!)

We came home and took to our beds!  For days.  We ended up with bronchitis and then lovinly shared it with two sons and my father.  I am still recovering from being gone 6 days and being sick for a week and now it's Holy Week and I am trying to get ready for Good Friday and Easter services!

The grass turned green sometime in there and we have buds on our fruit trees and the work is never ending and overwhelms us daily but we just keep doing the next thing in front of us. 

That being said, I'd best get to it!

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