Monday, April 09, 2012

Half-Way Point

6 weeks ago, I started a new wellness plan.  My goal is to be and feel healthy while fitting into the clothes that I have AFTER my last baby was born that I can no longer wear. 

I am so excited that all the hard work at the Y - spinning/indoor cycling is insane but just the push I needed - and tracking all my food and being careful with my choices has paid off and...

I have lost 12 pounds!!!

Yesterday was Easter and I got so many comments about much weight I have lost and how good I am looking.  I had missed 2 weeks due to vacation and sickness so I guess when one doesn't seen a person it is easier to notice the change.

My reward for making my goal is... one month of tanning.  Yes, I know all about how harmful it is and I'm just going to stick my head in the sand and tan this fat.  I've always thought that fat looks just a little better tan than white.  So, that's what I wanted and I'm excited to get paid so I can cash in on my reward.  The catch is... I can only tan after a workout at the Y.  Good thinking, huh?


  1. Mom-Nana9:31 AM

    Way to go, Dear Daughter. So proud of you 12 lbs is A LOT & you didn't think it had been that much.
    Love you SO much

  2. Doris9:33 AM

    Congratulations!! You’ve done a great job of losing 12 pounds in 6 weeks—no EASY job, I am sure. It is nice to get those compliments. You have a very good “build” and the right kind of curves do well for you—I’ve seen you with them in years gone by. Keep up the good work.


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