Monday, April 30, 2012

Relief - Praise Jesus!

I am starting a new journey, one that goes along with my wellness plan.  I am in the middle of reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I first "happened upon her blog" while following Compassion bloggers in Ecuador last fall.  I have been on the wait list at the library since then to read her book. 

Before I even knew of May's challenge, I was starting a gratitude list.  Here is my first post:

I am thankful for:

11) a son that loves to pray:
 12) he slept anywhere:

13) thankful for a tram to ride around DisneyWorld with two tired boys, a tired moma and a tired nana when God decided to shower us with rain:
14) he was content anywhere his special blanket was: 

15) thankful I have pictures of this: 

16) thankful for him:
 17) thankful he slept so well - from the start!
18) thankful that he could snuggle with his Granddad while waiting in Mexico:
19) thankful he is brave:
20) thankful that he is healthy:

 21) and so very thankful he is active:
22) and more than words can express, I am relieved that my son was given the "go-ahead" to live life fully from the pediatric cardiologist last week. 
 I love my baby boy, now 5 years old.

Click below to see more lists of gratitude:


  1. What a small wonder! He is precious- definitely a gift from God! Blessings to you from Uganda

  2. the hubby12:23 PM

    We are so thankful for you too honey, very well done.


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