Saturday, June 23, 2012

El Dia en La Playa

Today really felt like vacation.  It was forecasted rain but we prayed for sun and sun we had!  If I had to define perfect, today would be it.  We found our favorite beach spot - all secluded with nobody around but us.  YAY!!!

Grandad didn't waste anytime before he was body surfing!
 Not to be left out, the others joined right in.
 Sometimes we played in the ocean, sometimes we played on the beach.
 Watching for a good wave...
 Having a natural mud body scrub:
 The Nana loving the sun, sea and warmth.
 What Grandad did when he wasn't snorkeling or body surfing:
 Snorkeling was SO much fun!
Today was a good day.  We ate ice cream for lunch and cucumbers with lime and salt for dessert.  For supper, we are eating in.  A good cook is making us beef and shrimp fajitas, rice, beans and more plus flan for dessert.  She's also bringing limonada, our most favorite drink here.

Ta-ta for now!

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