Friday, June 22, 2012

Manos de Amor - Casa Hogar

Today we visited an orphanage in Bucerias.  Our ladies group at church donated money and things like toothpastes, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, body washes, wash cloths and a dentist from home donated a case of toothpaste, case of floss and 30 some toothbrushes.  Our local Gideons donated 30 Bibles in Spanish, too.  So, today we stopped in to meet the kids and see what we could do to help for a little bit.

We arrived pretty late in the day... just in time to help give baths!  So bathe the kiddos we did!

 In this utility sink!
 After that, my Moma got right to work folding clothes.  The never ending laundry, I'm sure.
 The boys played and rode bikes:
 While the girls gave lovings!
 And helped little ones ride bikes.
 Boys are boys language barriers doesn't stop them from playing together.
 When it was time to say bye, there was no shortage of abrazos (hugs) to go around.
 DH was in heaven playing ball and going a hundred miles an hour the whole time we were there.
 This young man in the wheel chair was so excited when my Dad let him kick the ball during the game.

We will go back before we leave for home.  Our time was too short.  When we left, my heart just hurt for the children and was filled with gratitude for the work happening on their behalf.  As I turned for a last look, I saw the guard tip the boy in the wheel chair back and kiss his forehead and tears just sprung to my eyes for the hearts full of compassion for the children.

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