Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pizza in La Cruz Mexico

The other night us adults left our children home alone.  We were in the clear since we went and ordered pizza for them, paid for it and had it delivered to the house.  It was pouring down rain and the delivery boy road the scooter!  The kids were glad we left them some money to tip him as they felt very sorry for him.

They bragged the pizza up so much - yes, the four of them ate an entire extra large pizza, that we decided to dine in tonight.

Saul, the owner, started building his business, Falconi Pizzas, a year ago.  As with most entrepreaneurs, he poured everything he had into it.  Tomorrow he finds out if he has been approved for a license to sell alcohol.  While of no consequence to us since we don't drink, it will make a huge impact on his business success.

Grandad and DH noticed the steel frame under the roof and found out that Saul and his brother did it themselves!  They did a good job.  He lives in one section and his brother and his family live in another.  He doesn't have many tables for dining in and was thankful we called ahead to make sure he was open today.  We gave him an hour and he was more than ready for us when we got there.  The tables were pushed together and set of the 8 of us.

He keeps his menu simple - pizza and soda.  Tonight, he had salad and so some of us had one.
It had a balsamic dressing and it was delicious! 

Three types of pizza that didn't disappoint.  It is very affordable.  The Pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza (half-half) is $165 MX ($12 US) and the Four Meat (ham, salomi, bacon and italian sausage) is $195 MX ($14US).  These two pizzas fed the 8 of us and we were plenty full. 

 It may look greasy in the photo but they were not greasy at all!  The crust is thin and he makes it from scratch; same with his sauce.
 He also tried out some crepes on us!  Yummy!

 Before we left, we asked if we could pray with him.  He agreed and we joined hands and prayed for God's blessing on him, his business and his family.  It was a great evening meal.
If you are ever in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle have some Falconi Pizza.  You won't be disappointed... not in the food; nor the service nor the price.  The kids are already saying they'd eat here again this trip! 

Thanks, Saul!  Hope we make it back to La Cruz and Falconi's someday for some great pizza.

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