Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Cream!

There's nothing like having ice cream every day.  I think I have kept that goal for the kids to have one a day.

Yesterday we spent the day in Puerto Vallarta. It was so hot and humid.  We had a wonderful lunch, fun shopping time and a blast on the malecon eating ice cream.

I just have to share.... on Sunday after church we went and got ice cream.  My Dad loves to tell jokes so he thought of one, I'm sure because we were wearing dresses and something made him think of this particular joke.  Anyway, look at my my daughter's face at what she thinks is the punch line!

 Look at this daughter's face on the real punch line!  And my Moma in the background.... priceless.

We had hot cakes for breakfast, ice cream for lunch (yes that is all we had) and chicken mole, cheviche, ricee and more for supper in our own home.  Wonderful day in La Cruz, Mexico.

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